Youths and SHG clean the Village: Naiguan

The main route of entrance to Naiguan remained obstructed due to huge deposits of water and garbage on the main path until the youths and SHG members voluntarily turned up to make the village clean.

People often would find alternated paths of entering the village dur to an obstructed entrance, but none would come forward to clean the path and make the access easy. On 5/12/2004 a meeting of the Yuva mandal was called at the Panchayat Resource Center setup by Sambhav. It was shared and discussed in this meeting that if panchayat officials do not take action on the issue, people and youth from within the community would have to come in front.

The very next day a large group of youths and SHG members collected at the entrance of the village and cleaned the entire path within a day. The impact of this action was that as the day advanced people from within the community has gradually voluntarily started to join in the action.

Now the entire path of Naiguan is neat and clean. More importantly people of Naiguan have understood the importance of voluntary effort rather than waiting for others to come and do the job.

Some of the people who supported this action were:

1. Hargovind Ahriwar: Panchayat Secretary

2. Narayan Singh

3. Shailendra : Youth Mandal Member

Puran Lal Youtrh Mandal Member

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