A story of development from a small village Dhoguan

Dhoguan is a small village of Rajnagar Block inhabited completely by Adivasi families. In this village there are 40 households out of which only one family is of Brahmin and rest of them are of Adivasi . This village is located in a remote area but is surrounded by scenic beauties like forest and waterfalls. People of this village are very courteous and they are not familiar with the evils present in the society. But still a feeling of discarded ness was in their hearts and minds. They thought that there was partiality of administration towards their village but they did not have the directions to go ahead or it can be said that they lack voices to raise.

When project intervened in this village they started gathering in the meetings and listening to them. Gradually, they realized that many things are going wrong with them and now they came to know about the platform which would help them in raising their voices. Several groups have been formed by project in this village like Jan Shakti Samooh, Thrift and credit group, adolescent Group etc. With the support of these groups people are organizing and many applications related with irregularities seen in villages have been sent to the block and district officials. Information centre started as a project intervention is playing an important role in linking these people with the latest going on by their side. People are happy in going through books, chart posters,magazines kept in the centre. They have started keeping their locality clean and make sure that hygienic conditions are maintained

In all the above activities a major role has been played by women of this village. They take keen part in each and every activity of project and show a fair participation. With the support of women groups immunization has been improved. Women of this village talk freely with health workers on the issues of RTI,STI,disease of their children. Smt.Heera bai, one of the representative of women group has been nurtured by project. In one training program of VDC organised by the Project she stood up and said in front of all Sarpanch and Secretaries present in the meeting that “ Hamare gaon mein koi gram Sabha nahi hoti hai,pichhle mahine hui thi lekin logo ko aate dekh kar ghar ke darwaje band kar diye gaye the aur band darwaje ke peeche hi baithak ho gayi thi.” This statement was very true and it is a matter of proud that an Adivasi women is saying this in front of Panchayat representatives.

With the efforts shown by village level groups a pressure has been created on teachers of school and number of girls going to school has been increased.

Still the road towards success is very difficult and the destination is far away but with continuous efforts of project and support of community hope is always there of a bright future ahead.

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