Quit Liquor Be Happy: Mamora

Liquor isconsumed in almost every house of mamora. Men often consume alcohol and beat up the wife and children.

Seeing this as a moajor problem women from SHG groups decided that this needs to intervened if they wish to live a happier life.

Rani and Rani Laxmibai SHG held a meeting in which Ganeshi, a member of the SHG told that her husband has got into a chronic habbit of consuming alcohol. He would take away all the money Genshi has, and would also not allow the children to attend the school. Most of the times his actions would result in violence and beating on both Ganeshi and hear children.

Listening to this both the groups decided not to sit selent and take action. They would go to Ganeshi’s haouse along with ex-sarpanch Amrit Singh and counsel Ganeshi’s husband.

On 8/1/2005 all the SHG women members went to Gansehi’s house and threatened her husband that if he does not give up alcohol, they would have take violent action against him and get him put in the jail.

This collective action showed results with not only Ganeshi’s husband qutting alcohol. The impact of this action was suchthat the consumption of alcohol in the entire neighborhood has gone down drastically.


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