IEC and BCC (The Difference)

IEC (Information, Education and Communication) is a very commonly used terms when talking about NGOs and awareness. IEC is a process through which information is disseminated to masses.

  • Information- Useful and representative data on a related issue.

  • Education- The process of transferring and embedding information.

  • Communication- A process through which two or more people share transfer of information, and which is complete only after compliance by both the parties on whether the information and education have been perceived in the same way as transmitted.

Some of the commonly used tools for IEC are.

  1. Wall Writings

  2. Wall paintings

  3. Street Plays

  4. Exhibitions

  5. Posters

  6. Handbills

  7. Pamphlets

  8. Meetings

  9. Songs etc.

BCC (Behavioral Change Communication) in itself is a topic, explaining which in words is a tedious work to do. Well let me see! And you guys try making sense out of what I’m writing.

“BCC is a process through which the information prevailing in the IEC process is implemented in the behavior by the target person, which brings in a sustainable change for better in them” (I’m finally able to come out with a confusing definition”)

So IEC though interrelated terms are two different process, where saying that IEC is sub process component of the mother process BCC.

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