Youth on Violence Against Women

1-Vijay from Hem Singh Ki Pared has been instrumental in bringing the youth together. Initially Hem Singh Ki Pared was a difficult slum to penetrate into. Youth within the slum were either busy with their jobs or studies. Very less interest was shown by them in aligning with the program. Vijay however is an exception. When Vijay attended the first youth training in November, one would vaguely perceive that Violence against Women would be of such interest to him. Gradually Vijay started to participate in the most of the program activities. While on one hand youth was reluctant in attending the training program, Vijay would personally pursue them to be a part of the program. If not for Vijay the youth group of Hem Singh Ki Pared would not have existed.  Following Hem Singh Ki Pared has been one slum from where youth have participated in a majority of the program activities. Not to forget, Vijay is also a busy person, he works as a carpenter, but does not refrain from involving himself in a mission to safeguard women and girls.

2- Ganesh Utsav is one the most widely celebrated festivals around the country. The same happens in Jatavpura, a slum on the outskirts of the city. While the youth group of the slum was busy in celebrating Ganesh Utsav, some of the women from the slum came complaining. The complaint was about boys from other part of city entering the slum, most of who were drunk. These outsiders made it almost impossible for women to stay in the pandal and head back home in night. The youth group took note of this and reported the matter to Bahodapur thana. The TI was responsive and initiated immediate action. A police team was sent to Jatavpura , and the outsider boys were called to the Thana for questioning. Though the TI did not initiate any legal action against these boys, they were strictly instructed to mind their conduct. Following this the boys were never seen in Jatavpura again.

3- Manish from Raja Gas Godaam is one of the most active members of the youth group. Besides being a active youth group member, Manish has also been active in aiding the people in slum on social issues. Janki (Changed Name) lives behind Manish's house. Quarrels and abuses could be heard every night after Janki's husband would get drunk. Manish took a call and reported the matter to 1091 women helpline, with a few minutes police arrived and Janki's husband was given an ultimatum to stop act of violence on Janki. Following the day 1091 has been known as a weapon against VAW amongst Manish and his friends.

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