Water Problem Solved Through The Efforts Women

Nayapura is located 2 km from Ghatigaon. One of the major problems here is the problem of available drinking water. Water availability is low throughout the year but in summers specially this problems deepens, as firstly the water level goes down and secondly that there are only two hand pumps in the village that do not have adequate water supply.

There is also a well in the well that is full of big boulders resulting in unavailability of water. Seeing this taking form of a major problem, the women group in the village decided to reach Sambhav for help. They discussed the problem with Sambhav staff mentioning that if the organisation provides them will financial support, they will contribute labor.

Sambhav donated Rs.9406 towards the deepening of well, the entire process was done in the supervision of the women group in which they all donated labor to the maximum.

The state of water now in the village is ample availability of water, and that women don’t have to hinder here and there in search of water.

This case shall remain as a remarkable example of strength of women organisation.


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