Violence Against Women- A Perspective

Violence against women is all pervasive. Women are not aware of their legal and other rights. They do not know about the services and protection available to them through Government measures. Most have accepted domestic violence as their destiny and passively support it. No examples were found where community has taken any organized step to protect women. Gender bias, alcohol use and absence of fear of law, weak delivery of basic programs reinforced by lack of education and fragile livelihood support, are causing havoc on the lives of innumerable women and girls in the slums Some disturbing trends on VAW-

  1. Beating, abusing and causing greivious physical injury to women after drinking liquor and on frivolous issues

  2. Prefrence for male child continues to cause female feticide and mental harassment of women

  3. Large percentage of women do not recognize VAW as abhorrent and consider it problem

  4. Dowry is one big cause of humiliation of girls and married women. Girls and her parents are constantly oppressed by husband’s family

  5. Gwalior region is dominated by gender bais social and cultural practices

  6. Level of Knowledge of acts and legal safeguards very low among the women and girls

  7. Mental hurt leads to withdrawl of women from normal social interaction, irritable behavior, bitterness commonly attributed to witch influence and sorcery.

  8. Sense of helplessness, no where to go, complete dependence on husband for survival, fear of social boycott dissuade women from speking out against VAW

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