SHG and Janshakti Samuh support helps win Elections: Dhoguan

For the Panchayat elections to be heldin January 2005, there were two leading adivasi candidates from village Dhoguan, Chotelal Adivasi backed up by the Thakurs from within the village and Shyam Lal adivasi, member of the Janshakti Group.

During the election campaigning Shyam Lal was able to create an positive environment for himself, as not only was he receiving the support of Janshakti members who were doing campaigning for him, but also the women SHG of the village supported him as his wife Gainda Rani was a member of it.

On the other hand Chotelal and the Thakurs has tried out all the ways to win confidence of people whether being providing liquor, organizing community feasts and even threatnenings given by Thakurs .

But the results had surprises for Chotelal, Shyam Lal won the elections with over 200 votes in his name, and all this happened out of the collective efforts put in by the Self Help Groups and Janshakti Groups of the village.


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