Sahariya Jan Andolan Help Overcome The Problem Of Cattle Thefts

Cattle’s hold a special place in the routine life of the Sahariyas and the Adivasi, as cattle to an extent also acts as a source of income for this community.

Cattle thefts have been one of the continuous problems of this region. Sahariya Jan Andolan has played a major role in comforting the community through distribution of cattle by the government to the families where cattle thefts had taken place.

Initially complaints were lodge in the police station of Ghatigaon mentioning the cattle thefts in Rai Ka Pura, Naya Pura, Bhatt Ka Pura, Shyam Pur and Charai, but no action was taken. The very next day applications were given to the collector, commissioner and the SP demanding the redemption of the cattle’s. When no action was taken by the high authority it was decided that a road block would be organized at Ghatigaon. A road block took place at Ghatigaon, which turned to be major achievement of SJA. Government officials promised that all the families should be redeemed of the cattle’s. After eight days of this event 5 goats per effected family were distributed and for the families where a member was TB patient Rs.500/- were distributed for medical treatment. Also proper arrangement was made for drinking water in all the above mentioned villages.

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