Right Information with Talent, Dedication and Patience - Key to Success

A resident of Thakurpura Road in Shivpuri, 45-year-old Sheela Jatav lives in a family of seven. Her husband and son worked as daily wage labourers and were well exposed to the uncertainty of this field where getting work every day was a huge challenge. Rest of the family members included three daughters and one daughter-in-law who had nothing to do other than the daily household chores. The entire family was facing a financial crunch that led to frequent quarrels between the family members. Helpless, Sheela stayed patient all this while. But gradually, things had started getting worse, as with inflation meeting of day to day expenses was becoming very difficult.

Sheela was constantly struggling to find a way out as she wanted to make things better for her family. One day, while listening to the Aajeevika programme on Radio Dhadkan, she finally found her way. The show shared how skills, dedication and patience are the only key for people to successfully start a work of their own. If one doesn’t have space, even then they can start selling vegetables using a push cart.

This inspired Sheela to a great extent and she started her business of selling vegetables the very next day. She bought vegetable worth Rupees 200 from the vegetable market and sold it from her house. She started making profit from the first day itself. This encouraged her to continue working hard. Currently, she buys vegetable worth rupees 2,000 and earns a profit of Rupees

400 every day. This gives her a monthly income of Rupees 10,000 -12,000.

She expresses her feeling by saying “I am grateful to Radio Dhadkan and the organisers of this programme. It is because of them I could start a new life, and change the story of increasing problems in the family towards better and secured future”. She further mentioned that in utter darkness a ray of hope is much needed and this Aajeevika programme has served as a ray of hope for her and the entire family.

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