Rambeti- A success Story

Rambeti was just 15 years old when she got married. Her husband worked as labor in the PWD department. The status of poverty was such that this family never had an entire meal. Some times it was just roti and no vegetable and sometimes no roti but vegetable.

It happened quite often that the family sleep empty stomach for three to four days continuously. Nor did they have proper clothes to wear , neither a proper shelter to live. The water would drop from the roof made of grass whenever rain would fall.

The family had two Bigha of land, the father of the kids would work the whole day in his field, come home, have food and then go to others fields to work as labor.

When the son grew up he also joined father. This entire process became a sick part of life, showing no ray of light for prosperity. One day some women of the met rambeti and decided to story a small work with a very small investment. All the women tried this for sometime but at the end it failed.

One fine day these women met Khairo Bai, who introduced them to the concept of SHG, the group was formed and started functioning.

Rambeti first took a loan of Rs. 5000 for goats, which resulted in a major boost to the income. Then she took a loan of Rs.1000 for the marriage of daughter and Rs.15000 was constructing her house.

Today rambeti is one of most happy examples of the SHG concept. She says SHG has changed my life. Its not only the money but also that she has been able to gain knowledge on various diseases and how to outreach rights.

In Rambeti words “ It is the efforts of Sambhav that I have a pukka house, made my three boys study, all of which are now working, I am very happy, my only wish now is to get my remaining two daughter’s married and go to a holy place for the rest of my life”

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