Radio Narrowcasting Case Study- RII Vijaypur

This activity is critical for the program to keep in touch with what is the pulse of the community. It means selecting a focused group of community members, pre-selecting an audio program on the developmental issue and playing it to them in their village at a pre-selected location chosen and preferred by them. The narrowcast is also used to ask community members what they would like to hear in the future, and also be used as an opportunity to record some feedback about the radio station in general or about specific programs.

Hemraj Jatav is resident of Ladpura, who lives in the Jatav mohalla of the village near the Bhoot Nala. Hemraj has been an active member in supporting the activities of the RII in the village. One of the major programs being used for community awareness through radio narrowcasting is on health with special focus on consumption of clean water. The program essentially highlights home based remedies for purification of potable water. Hemraj has been a part of several narrowcasting in the village. He heard this program on water purification through muslin cloth, boiling and use of a strainer. Hemraj says that he has found these methods to be extremely useful, especially making clean drinking water easier to access versus the modern day technological methods. There is a clear distinction between the water drawn straight and filtered. Seeing the benefits Hemraj has been acting as a peer educator in the community, educating people especially women, on how water can be made safer for consumption through home-based techniques.

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