Radio – A Real Source of Motivation

Originally from the city of Kanpur, Deepali Gupta post her marriage had shifted to Subash Colony in District Shivpuri. She belongs to a lower middle class family. Her husband was an auto driver but due to some circumstances he stopped driving auto. She has two children - elder one goes to a government school while the younger one stays at home. Deepali, being a new age woman, was well aware of the financial condition of the family and knew that once the younger child will start going to school, it would be difficult to maintain the household expenses. She would keep thinking of alternatives and was looking for that one chance to prove herself. Her husband shared her concern.

In January 2018, a team from Radio Dhadkan visited the area and discussed a programme (Aajeevika) on livelihood. Deepali heard the programme with great interest and concentration. After the programme was over, she decided to work as a domestic help while her husband started selling bread in the region.

In the beginning, she got hired in just 1-2 houses while husband struggled in making profit by selling bread. But the kind of determination they had, things were meant to change. Gradually, people got to know about their work and there was a sudden increase in their earnings.

Now Deepali works as a cook in 2 houses and earns a very good reputation besides earning decent income while her husband has started selling biscuits along with bread. Together, they are making Rupees 5,000 a month. At present, he has to visit houses to sell biscuits and bread but soon they plan to start selling it from their house itself as many people come there to collect bread.

Once this will work out, she also plans to get involved in this bread-biscuit business. Deepali says that currently she is earning Rupees 3,000 and hopes that with hard work and dedication, the amount will increase soon. She is quite happy today and credits whatever little she has achieved to Radio Dhadkan station team and the organisers of this very good livelihood programme, who visited their village and provided her the encouragement and right direction.

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