New Skills, New Hopes and New Life

25-year-old Sinku Kushwaha lives in Siddheshwar colony, Shivpuri. A divorcee, Sinku lives with her daughter and two brothers. Her life with her husband wasn’t peaceful as they used to have frequent fights. This led to their divorce. Sinku moved in with her brothers hoping to have a relatively comfortable life but soon after, the health of her brothers deteriorated. This put responsibility of the entire household on Sinku who would work day and night to earn money but wasn’t able to sustain the family.

One day, while Sinku was at home, some people who were visiting her locality, played Aajeevika programme on radio Dhadkan. The programme was motivating and encouraging people to believe in themselves as it required only self-belief and dedication to start a business. Sinku heard how one can earn money by establishing their own beauty parlour. “I was already aware of the basics of the work. Besides, I took one-month training to learn it professionally. After my training I started my beauty parlour from home,” shared Sinku who initially bought only a handful of equipment as she was sceptical.

However, gradually, her business started to grow. Today, she has no time to keep thinking and worrying. During wedding seasons, she has to cater to the demands of her customers at night as well. Now everyone in the nearby locality knows her – about her good skills and the hard work. “Now, people have started hiring me for doing bridal make-up as well for which I charge Rupees 2,000. This has not only helped me to take care of my brothers but to provide my daughter decent education. I am grateful to Radio Dhadkan and the organisers of the programme (who brought this concept to action) for making me aware of the new opportunities that helped transform my life,” shared Sinku with a smile on her face.

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