I Will Be Beaten Anyway

Violence in the lives of women gradually appears to be such a easily accepted practice. Men practicing violence on women is the story of almost every house. In some places women share it in tears, and in some place laugh it away saying “ab galti karenge to maar to padegi hi” (if I am wrong I will be beaten) or “marna to pati ka haq hai” (husband has the right to beat me). The entire though process is challenged when we encounter such incidences of women accepting violence as a routine part of life.

We were at Gudi , holding a meeting with a group of women.While the discussion was in its full spree I noticed two ladies giggling , sitting at the back side of the crown, I muted the discussion and was eager to know , what was making them feel happy and laugh. Shanno (Changed Name) pointed towards Tamanna (Changed Name) and said “bas ja ki baat sun ke hansi aa rahi hai” (I am laughing to what she saying) , I asked Tamanna what was the fun all about, she responded “aap to meeting lo , hamara to roz ka hai, isi pe hans rahe hai “ (you go on with the meeting, it happens every day”. This raised my curiosity and I wanted to know what was this that was happening every day? The reply blew us all away. Tamanna said “My husband is not at home and I have come for this meeting , he will be back any minute and will beat me on why have I left the house without his permission. He will be drunk so no explanation will work”. I was taken aback and asked her to leave immediately and if she wants we could come to her house. The next answer was even shocking “I will be beaten anyway, husbands don’t need  a reason to beat, they beat because it’s a pleasure for them, there need to be no reason, I will be beaten anyway, if I am late I will be beaten, and if you intervene I will be beaten anyway”, and she started laughing…..leaving us dumbfounded….

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