Education is all We Have

AkzoNobel and Sambhav in collaboration are implementing the Parivartan (Flagship CSR Program) in Tilori village of Malanpur. Here in Tilori lives Mahadevi , who has been a part of the projects Adult Education and community programming component. While at one end Mahadevi has been a part of almost all sessions of the education module, she also gradually started to participate in the Women Self Help group and savings program also supplemented under the project. Women in Mahadevi's SHG names Bijasen have been loaning internally for various reasons, primarily being consumption, however Mahadevi broke the barrier and did something unprecedented . In a demography like Bhind, infamous for female infanticide and complete neglect of girl child development, Mahadevi came ahead and took a loan from her group. Little did anyone around her imagine that the loan of Rs.6000 that she was taking was for the education of her daughter. She needed this money to submit the fee of her daughter and make sure that education is not hindered in absence of financial resources. Mahadevi has broken the stereotype, she says "I dont want my daughter to live the same life as I am, I want her to grow , I want her to be all that she can". Its people like Mahadevi that make Parivartan so worthwhile. 

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