Edu to Livelihood

Nikki Parmar is one of those from Hullpur who has tried to break the stereotype barrier. In a region where women are restricted from stepping out of houses, early age marriage being a major problem, and education of girls limited to bare minimum Nikki stand out. Nikki is one of those girls from Hullpur who came ahead to demand for computer education for girls in the village. In response to this demand, Sambhav under the RII program supported by ReNew made provisions of organizing computer classes under the Edu-Hub in the village itself. The teacher Deepak would organize 2-hour classes at the village level itself, following a 3-month the curriculum of computer literacy which includes basics of computer, internet, and email, word, PowerPoint and excel. Little did Nikki know that the course done at Edu Hub was the way forward in life. She appeared for a job interview and through the certification of the computer education course was able to secure a job in Bhopal.

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