Age is Not a Bar for Any New Initiative

42-year-old Aabida Khan resides in the Imam Bada colony in old Shivpuri area of Shivpuri district in Uttar Pradesh. Aabida, who was involved in some work or the other her entire life, is unemployed in this phase of her life. Her two sons earn by repairing watches. But currently their work isn’t helping them earn money as many people have stopped wearing watches and have started relying on mobiles for knowing the time. This has left the entire family financially unstable.

Aabida was unhappy about this situation and was constantly worried to do something which would ensure her a stable source of income. One day Aabida, over Radio Dhadkan heard the Aajeevika programme where listeners were informed about benefits of forming Self-Help Groups (SHGs). She was happy to understand as how having part of a SHG could help not only save money but to take bank loan to start small businesses.

This inspired Aabida, and she contacted the Radio team who has made this programme. After receiving all the necessary information from the show, she conducted a meeting with the women of her area to discuss the concept of SHGs. In the beginning, many women rejected the idea but after some persuasion Aabida managed to form a SHG with 10-12 women.

She went to the bank and registered her group as Ambedkar Self-Help Group and the group members started saving money. After 6 months, the group was able to get a loan from the bank. This motivated the group. They all started the crafts work. The hand-made products of the group are now displayed and sold at different exhibitions across the districts.

“At present, each women member of the group is earning approximately Rupees 4,000 which will hopefully increase in future. I feel lucky to receive such an important information from Radio Dhadkan,” said Aabida while expressing her gratitude to Radio Dhadkan, their team, the people who are behind this concept and the organisers of such good livelihood programme for showing her the right path of self-dependency and prosperity.

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