The project Suraksha is designed to provide preventive education, curative support and promoting use of condom for protecting the truckers and sex workers against HIV/AIDS and STI at project site in  Gwalior. The programme aims at reaching 150,000 truckers and helpers and 150 Sex workers and MSM through BCC in three years. A survey  found that the truckers and Sex workers at Gwalior halt located at NH3 is highly vulnerable and at threat of receiving STI and HIV AIDS.


Transport Nagar of Gwalior was established in 1980 by Gwalior development Authority to reduce the increasing pressure of traffic on the city. Gwalior is a major support town due to its location and historical importance. It sits on NH3, which carries heavy truck population both ways from Delhi and Bombay. Some information on Gwalior Transport Nagar is as follows-

  • About 15000 trucks pass by near Gwalior and Transport Nagar Every Day.

  • About 1000 trucks halt every night. Their stay could vary between 5 hours to three days. (Rapid Survey By Sambhav)

  • Another about 100 trucks halt every night at four Dhabas at walking distance within one kilometer of the GTN (Gwalior Transport Nagar)

  • Each truck has three people operating it, Driver and two assistants.

  • The number of major transport companies located at GTN is 15

  • A Union of Truckers has also been formed.

  • Major metros connected with GTN are Pune, Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi, Bombay and cities of Gujarat.

  • Sexworker community of Bedias is located at about three Kms from this place in villages Badnapura and Reshampura. Bedias is a traditional sex worker community. They have been living here for more than 50 years. The Royal family and local lords had provided them as this community has been known for their expertise at signing and dancing

  • Several jhuggis (12) have come up where regular sex trade goes on.

  • Several persons were frank in discussing the subject of sexual activities. Persons included drivers, helpers and Dhabas attneders (please specify category of person)

  • Age group 30 to 45 years, education generally functional literacy and up to 5th level.

  • Local drivers mainly from Thakur group. The nature of the halt location classified as transshipment points, highway halt points, inter-state borders etc. The Gwalior Transport Nagar serves as transshipment and highway halt point.


Goals and Objectives


Project Goal: To arrest the spread Of, STI, HIV /AIDS among truckers and associated high risk population, so as to reduce the mortality, morbidity and the impact of STI/HIV/AIDS at the halt point, in Gwalior.


Objectives of the project:

  1. Transferring skills and techniques of BCC from ORW to PE and Outlet Operators, these skills will include counseling through IPC tools.  And also to promote more of the counseling done by PE’s where ORW do more of monitoring than doing BCC themselves.

  2. Reduce the threat of STI among truck drivers through establishing a  referral system that would ensure early identification of STI among key population and referring them to Khushi Clinic to seek proper medical counseling and treatment.

  3. To increase the usage of condom among truckers and drivers through identification of new peer educators and outlets that would help increase the dissemination of health seeking messages.

    1. Increase the number of outlets from 30 to 40 to make the availability of condoms in GTN more widespread.

    2. Identify and train 2 condom stockists.

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