Sambhav has been implementing the Parivartan program in Tilori village of Malanpur, Bhind. The program is focused on educational development of the village and women empowerment through establishment of Parivartan Kendra, Upgradation of Educational infrastructure and providing supplementary education to adolescent girls in the village.


Situational Analysis

—  The region typifies the caste and class divide.

—  Community and group activities are difficult due to lack of congenial social and cultural relationship among the different groups of people.

—  Many government schemes are difficult to implement in the communities due to traditional and power conflicts.

—  Rigid social stratification,  and lack of motivation among the service providers and communities are making it harder and harder to take the message of participation, accountability and ownership. Serious efforts are called for to introduce participatory  methods of planning ,implementation and monitoring.

—  Their socio economic situation has remained unchanged. Villages are scattered. Water runoff is very high..

—  Women status is very low. They are discriminated in all  community and Family decision making processes.

—  Female literacy and education of girl child is far from satisfactory.


Program - Key components

Remedial Education- The remedial education component of the program works on a two way model. The first model is to provide supplementary education to children attending schools, but in need of additional support, which may not be essentially available at the village level. The second component is that of identifying dropout children from within the village and to align them with the process of education through life skill based education. The remedial education program has a dedicated centre which goes by the name of Parivartan Kendra. The centre is equipped with LCD Monitor, Power Backup, Internet, Computer Systems, Study Material and Furniture.


Adult Education- Bhind has been infamous for its classic divide on the terms of Gender. Female infanticie, foeticide and no education to girls and women is rampant. The program includes this a prime concern and is trying to use the Adult Education module by the Government of India to educate women through its satellite centers in the Baghel, Kushwah and Sahariya basti of the village.


Computer Education: In line with the national agenda in making India a technology friendly nation, the program works on computer literacy of girls and boys of the village. This includes various components of computer education ranging from basic software operations such as Windows, Excel, Word etc to understanding and using the internet. The center is equipped with a full time internet connection , which is regularly utilized for organizing cloud based (skype) education for children.


Leadership and Co-Curricular Activities- Apart from the routine education regime of the program, the program envisages to develop socially aware and proactive children. A series of activities are organized at the village level for children, which include, debate competition, spelling bee, drawing competition, exposure visit etc for the overall personality development of the girl child.


Sports Activities- In additional to the co-curricular activities , weekly and monthly sports activities are organized with almost all children attending the Parivartan Kendra and the government school. This includes games like skipping rope, kho-kho, cricket tournament and volleyball.




Social Mobilization: Regular intervention within the community and consistant interaction plays a critical role in the success of any program. From the community development perspective of the program an effort is made to involve the community by large as a primary stakeholder of the program. This essentially includes focusing on the issues that affect the daily lives of the habitants. In line with the same, a series of community based activities with special focus on education and health are organized in the community which include:

1-      Advocacy with the government for services

2-      Supporting the health machinery in the village for better health service delivery

3-      Observing days of special importance for greater awareness such as environment day, earth day, world water day etc.

4-      Promotion of household level sanitation

5-      Video shows on health and related issues

6-      Sensitization and training of women on mother and child health

7-      Regular health monitoring of children attending the ICDS

8-      Promoting health and sanitation among children

9-      Village cleaning drives


Infrastructure and Education Up gradation: School Infrastructure- One of the major components of the program is to make education and health infrastructure more beneficiary friendly. A series of hardware activities have been undertaken under the project to this effect. These essentially include repair of school buildings, upgrading school furniture, making provisions of electricity in school through solar power.

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