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National Program Support Group

The National Program Support Group , hereafter referred to as NPSG is a National Consortium of voluntary organization engaged in Grassroots Development. The group primarily constitutes of organizations joining hands from the Chambal-Bundelkhand region from Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh.

The NPSG is an effort to bring together like-minded organizations and synergize the efforts that affect the lives of the most marginalized and deprived classes of the society. From Urban Slum dwellers to the rural habitation and deeply routed among the Sahariya Primitive Tribal Group.

Focus Areas:

1- Health



4-Women Empowerment

5-Research and Advocacy

6-Traininig and Capacity Building

7-Water and Sanitation

8-Climate Change

9- Labour and Tribal Issues

NPSG: About Us

Core Values

  • Humanitarian Principles and Do No Harm: We are guided by the humanitarian principles of humanity, impartiality, neitrality and independence. We are committed to ethical and responsible actions and activities in the service of communities and people.

  • Enabling Environment: We believe in an enabling environment as common ground for local and international NGOs to operate.

  • Identity and Collective Action: We will build and nurture the identity and power collective action of NGOs to achieve common goals. In all our actions we strive to develop people's capacity and confidence to increase the strength of individuals and communities.

  • Improvement and Quality Services: We are committed to continued improvement and delivery of high quality services to our members. 

  • Transparency & Accountability: Through our policies and procedures, and in all our actions, we ensure we are transparent and accountable, answering to our partners, membership and stakeholders.

NPSG: Who We Are


  • Chairperson: Dr. Shiv Kumar Singh

  • Vice- Chair: Raghvendra Singh

  • Secretary: Devendra Singh Bhadauria

  • Joint Secretary- Ajay Shukla

  • Moderator- Nabil Singh

  • Advisory Board: Neelam Kulshreshtha, Anil Singh, Priyanka Tomar, Vijendra Singh,

  • Host Agency: Dharti Gramotthan Evam Sahbhagi Gramin Vikas Samiti

NPSG: Who We Are


  • Dharti Gromotthan Evam Sahbhagi Gramin Vikas Samiti

  • Sambhav Social Service Organisation

  • Niswarth Sarthak Prayas Evam Parivar Kalyan Samiti

  • Kalpataru Vikas Samiti

  • Parhit Samaj Sevi Santha

  • Parmarth Samaj Sevi Sanstham

NPSG: Who We Are
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