Shri Padam Sambhav Eye Hospital


The program was started in 2003. It has broadly two major objectives

1.To eliminate the preventable blindness

2.Provide quality medical, surgical and vision correction facilities.


It covers a population of about 2 lakhs. This includes Shivpuri Urban and Rural communities.


Community Eye care activities being done-

Vita. A distribution, School and community vision screening camps, make available spectacles, Teachers Trainings, identification of totally blind and low vision clients, measles immunization


Base Hospital Activities

OPD, Cataract IOL and non IOL, Glaucoma, minor surgery, Vision test, Refraction, spectacles, follow-up of the camps, referrals for expert services, Paediatrics Surgery, out reach training, community awareness meeting.


Visual Disability

Training of government school teachers and AWW, Exhibitions, Aids and appliances for VI persons, support for personal hygiene, Life skills, economic rehabilitation, Government certification.


The Hospital- Capacity


  • Free Section : 50 beds

  • General Ward : 13beds

  • Semi-Private Ward: 4 beds

  • Infection Ward: 4 beds

  • Private Ward : 3 Wards




  • Poverty and absence of an attendant accompanying the needy patients are some of the major barriers for poor uptake of eye care services. It could be addressed by providing the service at convenient times at an accessible location so that people can access without having to lose a day's wage and patients need not be dependant on attendants

  • Major eye problems like glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy have to be diagnosed at the earliest stage for better restoration of eye sight. Such kind of eye diseases can be detected and referred at an early stage

  • Improves the awareness about eye conditions and their management within the community.

  • Increases yield of surgical load at the referral service center

  • Provides good quality eye services at an affordable cost to rural and disadvantaged communities.

  • Eye health education can scale up the awareness level in rural community

  • Increases community participation in eye care services



  • Advocacy with village elders

  • Other villages visit under jurisdiction Liaison with self help groups Spectacles distribution in other villages under jurisdiction

  • Patient consultation/ examination

  • Refraction Specialist clinic Dispensing spectacles Fitting spectacles; edging Counseling

  • Record keeping Correspondence Analysis of data


Community Based Rehabilitation

  • Identification of visually impaired persons

  • Screening at village level

  • Organizing health camp

  • Training programs for school teachers

  • Social and Economic rehabilitation of VI persons

  • Teaching Daily living skills, orientation and mobility to the VI adults and children

  • Help VI persons in outreach to basic facilities like: education, pensions, buss pass, scholarship etc.

  • Distribution of vitamin A tablets to children

  • Checkup and Referral service to people with refractive errors

  • Dissemination of  information on Eye Care

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Gargi House, 93-A, Balwant Nagar

Gandhi Road, Gwalior-474002

Madhya Pradesh, India

Constitution : Sambhav is registered under M.P Society registration Act 1973

Date of Registration :19th July 1988, Registration No: 20301


· Registered under the provisions of sec-12 A and 80-G of Income Tax Act-1961,

· PAN –AALFS8755R,

· TAN-BPL S05960D

· TIN-23385207347

· FCRA No.063280004R,Dated 18.02.1991

· ISO 9001:2000 Certified