Radio Dhadkan 107.8 FM (Community Radio)


Sambhav has established a Community Radio (CR) FM Station with the support from UNICEF, to serve the different communities within the radius of 15 km (Max) around Shivpuri HQ. Sambhav is making use of CR in its ongoing developmental programme, to disseminate the vital information on several social issues and using CR FM Station as a dominant communication tool to incorporate its all participatory initiatives with different targeted communities in the vicinity.


The project was initiated with a community needs assessment based on quantitative and qualitative analysis in late 2008. It was conducted to identify characteristics of the community, including current media usage and local development issues, as well as gauge local interest in a community radio station.


The Station covers population of 1.71 lakh (of surrounding 51 villages and Shivpuri Urban), this includes 20.3% SC, 8.0% ST and 43.67% OBC. The Station has a station in-charge, 2 supervisors and 6 community reporters. 78 village facilitators are also providing volunteer services at village level for facilitating CR activities.


At all level and process CR main focus is social inclusion. The members from excluded community (both male and female) are given priority in management committee, Radio station staff and village facilitators.


Community has prominent say in subject selection, program development and program finalization; given their voices and thoughts.


Broadcast content

The content being broadcasted on radio dhadkan is a mix of education, health, livelihood and entertainment. Programs provided by UNICEF , which include Meena, Kyonki Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai, and content created based on BCC Toolkit are recreated and broadcasted as a part of the Behavior Change Communication strategy of UNICEF focusing on 4 Key Behaviors namely: Exclusive Breastfeeding, HIV/AIDS, Girl Child Education, Handwashing alongwith Diarrheal Control and Complete Immunization. The livelihood programming contains information on emerging trends of employment in India, and career guidance for youth, as well as skill upgradation. The content programming also revolves around providing information of various government schemes, and services to the rural communities. Since entertainment plays a critical role in information dissemination local folk music alongwith a blend of urban music is played at the station.


Capital and Sustenance:

The radio station has been provided by for its capital by UNICEF. The capital infrastructure is in line with the series of discussions held within UNICEF and Other Organizations. The studio room is equipped with both digital and analog mixers, main and standby computer and related instruments. Radio Dhadkan is completing the first six months of implementation. The sustainance plans of the Radio Station include support from National/Internation NGO’s, empanelment with DAVP and promotion of local business houses. The radio station will also soon be providing recording /production facility to local artist and cultural groups.


Achievements/Success Stories 

  • Behavioural and attitudinal shifts for education of the girl and safe hygiene and health practices is seen in the Radio Dhadkan team itself. “I have moved forward. I am deprived of formal education, but next generation should not suffer on this count. Through using program on girls’ education I try to convince the people that if the children are not sent to school, they will end up as menial workers. I also tell expectant mothers to go to hospital for delivery,” says Ramwati, a proud radio reporter.

  • Parobai, 65 years old Adiwasi (Saharia) woman from Nohari Kala changed her attitudes regarding institutional delivery and early initiation of breastfeeding. She also became a change agent for others.

  • Sonabai (45 years old Saharia Adiwasi woman) from Nohari Kala is inspired by community radio program on breastfeeding and motivated her daughter in law for early initiation of breastfeeding to her baby.

  • The program on savings account and money lending inspired the youths to take decision for saving and opening savings account. “The community radio program on savings account and money lending is an eye opener for me and it inspired me to open a savings bank accounts” says Satish Rawat of Shivpuri.


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Constitution : Sambhav is registered under M.P Society registration Act 1973

Date of Registration :19th July 1988, Registration No: 20301


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