Sambhav Social Service Organization is a voluntary agency working in the areas of rural and    urban development, child education and   women empowerment through advocacy, direct program interventions and capacity building of the community to access the benefits of the State Programs. It has been actively involved in the organizing Sahariya Tribal communities to assert their rights of equality, Health, food and secured livelihood and a respectful place in the society.


With its inception in 1988 Sambhav is completing 25 years of working with the marginalized and deprived classes of the society. It works at present in Eight districts in MP and UP covering about six hundred villages and habitations. These districts are Gwalior, Shivpuri, Bhind, Datia, Sheopur, Lalitpur, Tikam Garh and Chatarpur


SAMBHAV has been closely working on the issues of women empowerment and tribal upliftment among the Sahariya and other Adivasi communities in Ghatigaon vicinity of Gwalior district. Over the years SAMBHAV has been able to mobilize women and marginalized communities to get together and come up as a tribal pressure group at the village level to demand for services and rights through advocacy efforts. Community based organization like Shabari Mahila Mukti Morcha, Mahila Kranti Manch, Sahariya Jan Andolan and Adivasi Sangraam Parishad have significantly contributed in amplifying the voices of marginalized communities.



“Equality, Opportunity and Justice for All”


Mission Statement:

"Building equitable, democratic and environmentally sustainable society."



"Striving for sustainable development processes and improvement in the quality of life of vulnerable people like Tribal, women and children through their organization and capacity building efforts.”


Sambhav is registered under M.P Society registration Act 1973

Date of Registration :19th July 1988, Registration No: 20301

Name of the Chief Functionary with Designation :  Dr. S.K.Singh Secretary Sambhav Social Service Organization


  • Registered under the provisions of sec-12 A and 80-G of Income Tax Act-1961,

  • PAN –AALFS0755R,

  • TAN-BPL S05960D

  • TIN-23385207347

  • FCRA No. 063280004 , Dated 18.02.1991






Sambhav came into existence almost two decades ago. It was visualized by its founders to be an agency for socio-economic and political growth of marginalized communities. Under the guidance of eminent social activists, Sambhav chose to work with the Sahariya community of this region. Besieged by host of exploitative and disempowering situation Sahariyas are living in abject poverty and deprivation. Sambhav became instrumental in their mobilization and collectivization for effecting change.


Starting with few Sahariya hamlets in Ghatigaon Block of Gwalior, the initiative spread to large geographical area covering several hundreds of Sahariya women and communities. Sambhav has been strong believer of participatory community engagements. It has seen itself as a learning organization. Program interventions are centered on women leadership and their empowerment. Community health, watershed development and women SHGs are some major programs.



Working Area:

In about 1500 village of Gwalior, Shivpuri, Bhind, Datia, Morena, Guna, Tikamgarh, Chhatarpur, and Sheopur districts in Madhya Pradesh, Lalitpur & Jhansi districts in Uttar Pradesh primarily among Sahariya Adivasis, women and dalits, children and disabled.


Sambhav  identifies  community  mobilization,  raising  income,  education,  primary  health  care,  supporting  community based rehabilitation of disabled persons, conservation of natural resources and advocacy for civil and legal rights as essential program areas to fight poverty in the project areas.


Target Group

  • Tribals

  • Women

  • Children

  • Adolescents

  • Youth

  • Disabled

  • Old Aged


Strategic Objectives:

  • Providing the following facilities for social investment-child care, safe drinking water, household toilet, smokeless chulhas, plantation, family welfare, adult education, anti-dowry, gender discrimination, micro-saving, daughters right in family assets, training and promotion of programs focusing on women empowerment, and making women’s life better.

  • Establising and running schools, health care centers for better  women and child development.

  • Organizing activities like training on micro-enterprise and integrated development for socio-economic upliftment of women.

  • Formation of women and youth clubs and organizing various activities of social importance, cultural centers, health and nutrition.

  • Receiving financial support and consultation from like minded organization, individuals and specialists.

  • Providing consultation and other related services for the visually impaired, physically impaired and mentally impaired.

  • Working on the issue of human values, through promotion of non-discrimination on the basis of religion, cast and creed.

  • Organizing awareness and sensitization activities in the direction of International Solidarity and Universal Brotherhood.

  • Organizing activities for child development which includes the aspects of physical, mental ,social and spirituality.

  • Organizing activities for better health through establishment of hospitals, running hospitals, training of health workers, distribution and publication of health related publications and training manuals.

  • Providing services like housing, food and health for the dependant women, widows and old aged.

  • Organizing programmes against drug abuse, and promotion of drug-de-addiction.

  • Organizing activities and campaigns for environmental sustainability.

  • Working in the direction of better health through- establishment and running of hospitals, medical college, paramedical college, training center, training of health workers, distribution and publication of health related publications and training manuals.

  • Organizing performing art activities like theater and community radio for wider publicity of government schemes, and organizing trainings and workshops related to the same cause.



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Gargi House, 93-A, Balwant Nagar

Gandhi Road, Gwalior-474002

Madhya Pradesh, India

Constitution : Sambhav is registered under M.P Society registration Act 1973

Date of Registration :19th July 1988, Registration No: 20301


· Registered under the provisions of sec-12 A and 80-G of Income Tax Act-1961,

· PAN –AALFS8755R,

· TAN-BPL S05960D

· TIN-23385207347

· FCRA No.063280004R,Dated 18.02.1991

· ISO 9001:2000 Certified